• April 15, 2014


Like many other psychic readers clairaudients can also provide us with an insight into our future. Just that the way that they use to achieve this is much more different from the rest. They hear from a different world, which are then made to our readings with their intuitions. Can we also hear those sounds from different realm? No, we can’t, because they don’t hear with their ears as we normally do. They hear with their inner ear, higher self, or the third ear. Many are born with this gift which is later in life refined to achieve better results through practice, but there are even people who develop it by training themselves to listen to the spirits. Whatever it is, they just assist us with our questions in complex situations to reach a solution.


They were believed to be there helping people in their difficult situations even from the late 17th century and are anticipated to have been developed in France. Even though they were then associated a lot of mystery’s and were considered as some who are not normal, it has changed a lot now a days and we are approaching them to make use of their gifts. The word ‘Clair’ means clear and ‘audient’ means hearing together clear hearing which guide them on their way to find answers. Like the clairvoyant psychics who make use of their extended natural senses to foresee, the clairaudients make use of their extended hearing which is then interpreted by them to foresee. They can also easily figure out the paranormal activities in a place or presence of any other super natural powers as they can hear from their world. They believe that the medium that the spirits try to communicate with them is audience and some can even convey as they hear, which results of higher level of audience are. These voices doesn’t pop up just like that, with practice a clairaudient tune himself to them, the more he is able to tune up the more clear and accurate it becomes which is attained through constant practice and experience. Whenever you feel like you need assistance from your guiding spirits to make a decision you can always rely on them and listen to what the spirits has got for you. Not every clairaudients hears the same way there exist variations for each which makes them unique and based on this difference they are of two types:


  1. 1.     One who make use of inner ear to perceive:


These are people who when trying to connect to a different realm listens to not only voices that comes across but also sounds like ringing bell, human voices or other sounds. They listen to all first through their third ear or inner consciousness and then making use of their intuitions they predict. Similar to clairvoyants who see flashes of images which is then interpreted they hear flashes of sounds which are then interpreted to a reading. They are believed to be able to read our minds and emotions and help us to express ourselves better.




  1. 2.     One who directly communicate with spirit guides:


The second type is those who try to connect with a spirit who are in any way closer to us and ask them about us. They are said to hear the original voice of the spirits and are able to convey as they hear if we have any more questions in between to ask our spirits or our loved ones we can even ask them in between and listen to them from our spirit guides. They are a type of medium who provide communication for us from the astral realm.



Approaching them:


When we are about to approach them we should be clear about what we want to listen to and what are the problems we are experiencing and should let them know about it. While getting connected with the spirits they will asks us questions to identify the spirit guide to know if they have anything to do with us and we should clearly listen to them and help them in getting connected. Before all make sure that the one you approach is reliable and keep yourself away from all those fake readers and keep in mind that these readings are never the solution to the problem but assistance to the situation and should be relied on completely for making decisions.

  • April 15, 2014


Empaths are those people who can feel the same emotions of another person. Hearing this may sound indifferent to us but this is what they really do. They are highly empathetic and can feel what others feel deep within them. This has nothing to do with the normal man’s empathy that we feel for others. This is from an entirely different realm and the empathy makes this possible by making use of their psychic capabilities and telepathy.  The difference that occurs in our energy level is what they look on to and work up using their psychic capabilities to enhance the feelings within them.

Empaths are normally seen as non aggressive, non violent people who fit in the position of counselors and provide solution to others problems. Whenever they find themselves in the midst of a confrontation they feel it and it affects them so bad that they then itself prefer peace and try to settle them out in a peaceful manner. Empathy is not time or space bound and hence can be felt anywhere and at any time in life. Many empaths are said to experience several paranormal activity in life and are normally tend to have a deeper feeling for them. An unaware empathy may undergo an out of body experience or near death experiences. For many empaths, it is inherited and it has lot to do with the genes, which contains within the DNA. Once you realize you are empath then you are badly in need of training to control your emotions to make your life comfortable as the emotions you come across from others May over threw your life. May be at first you may find it a bit difficult to control those overwhelming emotions but once controlled you can feel for someone and help them in refining and fully expressing their feeling. An empaths always takes guidance of their psychic abilities to interact with the minds of others and get interpretations of their aura with the same. Every empath is psychic in some way or the other and the extend of which depends on their developed ability to perceive.

How empaths work?                                                                     

Everything in this world is associated with a set of energy flow, whether humans, animals or plants, everything maintains a energy field and it is this energy field that the empaths cross on to merge with others mind to feel exactly like them. They track done the simplest of variations in the energy flow across our chakras and these variations have reflections on our emotions. These variations are first analyzed to know the state we are in and then interpreted on to them as emotions, same as what we feel. the emotions within us brings up entirely different energy patterns, and are different for each pattern. They not only track down our emotions but also read our minds to know the reason for               such emotional disturbances and then can help us overcome it. For us we can be empathic to those words which explains their situation where as the empaths know them directly from their minds and feel the same as them.


There exists variations among empaths based on their empathetic traits and they are:


*Physical Healing

* Animal Communication




Being a medium is a form of empathy being able to feel the presence energies of spirits. They try to feel for them, track down their energy patterns and try to grasp them so well that in seconds they will be able to say as what they feel and why is it so.

Physical Healing:

It’s being empathetic to others illness and to feel for them and help them heal by providing in the energy that they lack to get well.

Animal Communication:

There are also empaths who can track down the feelings of animals and pet psychics are among them. They can feel their emotions find out why they feel so and can also let us know about the reason behind their unusual behaviors, which make a reason deep within it. Animals for example react different in places with paranormal activity and empaths can track them down very easily.


This is the empathetic ability that allows them to foresee an event or an occurrence.



They find themselves more close with nature and predict whether they is any event that is about to occur associated with the nature. It can be a calamity or anything positive.

  • April 15, 2014

Psychic Mediums

Mediums are people who had always fancied us, as those who talk with the spirits. We all might have wondered at least once how they could interact in an entirely different realm. Their capabilities are beyond words and are able to connect with the spirits and can provide us with a reading on our past, present, or future and can even talk with our passed away loved ones and let us know what they have to share with us. The readings that they provide us are far different from the psychic readings even they are also psychic, the difference lies in the approach they make use of their psychic ability to get the reading.


Mediums were present long back in history even from the 19th century and are said to have been providing communication between spirits and humans till then. How they do this is a question that arises within each of us. What a medium actually does is getting themselves connected with someone who had crossed the physical world and  is ready to communicate with the outer world through a medium to let us know what they have to share with us or what to expect in our life. The mediums also provide us with readings which includes the past, present and future aspects of life, but entirely different from the psychic reading. While a psychic reader takes the assistance of their extended natural senses along with some tools like tarots for a reading, the mediums get us the readings from spirits who are closely related to us and interprets it making use of their psychic abilities and the different variations of clairvoyance’s  based on the type of ‘Clair’ active for them. While they get themselves connected with the spirit they feel their presence either as an image or as being able to feel their presence or being able to hear their voice. A medium being psychic never means that a psychic is a medium. Both differ a lot from each other. A medium is psychic and uses his psychic capabilities to connect with a spirit where as a psychic makes use of his psychic capabilities to connect with his ‘higher self’.

What to expect?

When you think about a session with a medium for assistance what is it that you can expect from them and what is the assistance that they provide is an anxiety that rose in each one of us before we approach them. A medium never ever asks us a question to start a session. That is, he never starts a session based on our questions, nor will they ask questions like why are you here? .But he asks questions to know whether the spirit he is trying to connect with has any relation with us. It’s those spirits who guide them from then to know our future. And most importantly a medium never uses any tools like tarots or crystal balls to predict, nor will they enquire anything about your date of birth, or place.

As there is a lot of difference between a psychic and a psychic medium, there exist differences between mediums also. The difference lies in the way the spirit tries to communicate through them to the outer world. The different medium ships are:

*Trance medium ship

*Physical medium ship

* Channeling

*Direct voice

Trance medium ship:

Here the medium makes use of telepathy to connect, where he can mentally see or hear the spirits. They give us our readings directly from the spirits. The medium talks to the spirits in their minds listens to their signals interpret them for us.

Physical medium ship:

This type of communication is normally done in a dimly lit room, where a spirit communicates to the medium through noise or loud raps. The mediums also make use of levitation tables or spirit trumpets to interpret them.


This is where the spirits take in the medium’s body to communicate. Its often mistook as possessed state even though its far different from that. The medium allows the spirits to make use of his body voice and mannerisms to communicate directly with us.

Direct voice:

In this type of transformation the medium allows the body to be possessed and talks directly to them in their voice. The difference with channeling is that here the spirits talk to us in their original voice through the mediums and we will notice that the voice of the medium has completely changed.

  • April 15, 2014

Tarot card readers

Tarot card readings are the most common psychic reading that we would rely on to unveils the mysteries of our life. They make use of a set of cards to tell us about our past, present, and future. They are easily available in any psychic fairs. They have a figure embedded in our minds as a woman in flowing robes near a candlelit table with a deck of cards, but it’s not necessary that they always look same and such an atmosphere has nothing to do with the readings. The readings doesn’t even depend fully on the tarot cards, it acts as a trigger to reach the’ higher self’ which helps in finding answers.

The tarot cards are believed to have originated from Italy on the banks of the river’ taro’ centuries ago and has undergone more variations to be in its present form. When we approach a tarot reader what we come across is they first listen to our questions then shuffle a deck of cards until they are satisfied and then place them in different orders. The order and the number of cards put down depend on the type of reading we need to have. Those cards which are spread out from the deck have also got some meaning in them. They are ordered so as to help them perceive the question we had asked. A deck of tarot card consists of 78 cards and these cards are categorized into two, as the major arcana and the minor arcana,

Major Arcana:

The major arcana consist of a set of twenty two cards where each card has got a particular name and has got great importance in tarot reading. They deal with the universal aspects associated with humans and help them to track down our destiny.


Minor Arcana:

Minor arcana are a set of 56 cards divided into suits of four, as wands, cups, swords, pentacles. They represent the different concern, activities and emotions that make up the drama in everyday life. They can also predict the various events that could be expected and tracks down the energy flow in various levels.

When the cards have got a lot more to say their also exist variations in readings that they give us with, the readings are of two types:

*Question reading

*Open reading

Question reading:

In question readings you are approaching the tarot reader with a specific question and the cards are used to answer the particular question. In order to be effective the questions asked should be specific and not over detailed. Make sure the questions are positive, neutral and focus on you.  These readings as are since question centered they can’t be relied fully to make decisions but can be used as a guide. But the answer to that question will be specific and can be refined with any number of further questions.

Open reading:

Open readings concentrate more on the important aspects that would occur in your life and provide guide for that. The important steps may include entering a new phase of life, a new carrier, marriage etc. the readings concentrate on what our destiny has got for us before entering in to a new phase of life and lets us know how our luck can guide us in achieving success. They provide us with a brief pass over through the various events that we could expect in the new stage both good and bad.

How tarot cards read our destiny??

As any other psychic readings the basic behind tarot readings are psychic capabilities which helps them to connect with the ‘higher self’ and reach up with conclusions. The readers make use of the power inherent in them to make predictions. Tarots are considered to be spiritual intuitive and a psychic tool. The readers consider tarots as a medium to connect with the power of universe to draw up the conclusions. They make use of tarots simply as a way to interact with the spirits who guides our life. The spirits usually communicate to us in symbolic languages and cards helps to interpret it. Most tarot readers are psychic and clairvoyant which assists them in interpreting the spirits symbols. But there have been a number of cases of fraudulent going around in the name of tarot reading and vests in our hands to make the right choice of where to get the reading from.

  • April 15, 2014

Pet Psychics

Pet Psychics are people who claim to have the ability to extend a communication with animals, whether alive or passed away long ago. If you have pets which mean a lot for you, and really want to know what they want to share with you or what they think about you then these people can surely help you with answers. They are a variation of mediums, who communicate with human spirits, whereas pet psychics communicate with animals and acts as a medium for them to convey their feelings. They can communicate with live animals as well as those that rest in the spirit world.


When you hear about communicating with your pet you may wonder how?? You may think like you can communicate with your pet very easily, you know what he barks for and distinguish it, but are you really able to hear what they feel for you? No we are not. When we need to go deep into our pets mind and dig out what he has got within him for us, we need a pet psychic. They can put before us what they think, what they want to convey and what they feel for us. Even if they are lost we can seek their help to find them out and get them back to home. Your pet is behaving unusual for the past few days you really feel like there is something behind it and he is disturbed badly by something then u can get their mind read by pet psychics. They can also take us close to the spirits of our pets as mediums would do for human spirits. They also interpret and diagnose if our pets falls ill and he is unable to convey that .Pet psychics are also called as Pet whisperers or pet communicators.


How they communicate:

Even though the pet psychics claim to get connected with pets in a different ways, they share a most basic technique, the technique of clairvoyance and telepathy. But the fact is that the approach for each psychic differs individually. When a psychic wants to get connected with a pet they empty their minds and concentrate on the pets and try to receive their frequencies. These frequencies which are part of the pets thinking includes energy which is observed by them and drawn to conclusions based on their instincts which they believe on to guide them. These instincts may vary for each and may be like flashes of images for one while it will be echo of voices for other, which is then interpreted to what we want .The readings that the pet psychics give us are known as cold readings .Cold readings are nothing but the usual reading a psychic provides us which is not based on logics but on senses and interpretations. Usually when we approach a pet psychic what we can expect is they first gather information from us about our pet and then try to know what we want to know from them and convey them or asks them to our pets in the mind world which is shared by them and pets and then provides us with answers .But based on our needs the type of pet psychic we need to approach may also differ. Some may be better in communicating with live pets, where as some can act as a medium for pet spirits. It’s their naturals senses that makes them differ and these differences further categorize them as:

  •  Animal communicator’s
  • Pet mediums
  • Animal intuitive



Animal Communicator’s:

They are people who can talk with live pets or animals and let us know about it. They reach their minds share their thoughts, and ask them questions which we want to know. They mainly depend on their intuitions and telepathy.

Pet Mediums:

They are same as mediums that intakes human spirits and talks with them, here the difference is that they talk with pet spirits, to let us know what have got to share. The spirit along with their intuitions guides them to arrive at what we call us readings.

Animal Intuitive:

They are known as pet healers and take up with diseased pets to know what has happened with them and helps them to get well soon. Animal intuitive are normally clairsentient and this makes them different from communicators.

  • April 15, 2014

Psychic clairvoyants

Clairvoyants are those, who had made us curious about their skills, a number of times in our life. We might have heard about their clairvoyance and wondered how could they do this??!!  They view what we want to know, interpret them, and let us know about it. But this viewing has nothing to do with the normal eye sight, but an insight that guides them in a different realm, which is beyond the reach of us. This insight is what is called as clairvoyance, the ability to view what normal eyes cannot see.


The ability of clairvoyance is recorded long back in history and has evidence of people approaching them with questions in a hope of solution. The word clairvoyance is acquired from French, where ‘Clair’ means clear and ‘voyance’ means’ vision’. The clairvoyants are people who are gifted with ability of remote seeing, which is achieved through the Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) they have. The remote viewing helps them to view the present that is too far and this is what which helps them to track down lost missing people, and lost pets. The ability for some is inborn and developed with experience and time but there are people who create it within themselves with great power of concentration and meditation. The clairvoyants claim to see images of what they what to perceive and those images may be just literal representations or symbols, the key is to find them out and to interpret based on them.



How they interpret?


Our brain is an electrochemical machine, where each thought is associated a wave of different frequency and every wave has encoded within itself about us. The clairvoyants have the ability to track these frequencies and their minds make up those images which helps them to know about us. They can make use of their ability to have perception, precognition, and retro cognition. Perception is the ability to foresee or the ability to receive information from another realm. Retro cognition is the ability to the knowledge of the past or to know about ones past whereas precognition is the knowledge about the future, or the ability which we look on to for help to assist us on various up comings in our life. They can visualize our chakras the energy flowing through it, any interruptions to the flow, the reason behind it, the aura that surrounds us, and what they have for us. They can also seek our spirit guides or angels who guide us and thus interpret our luck. In simple clairvoyance is nothing but a ‘mere difference between sensing and thinking’. The clairvoyants use their natural senses for better evaluation of individuals, these senses include touch, smell, sight and taste and so are know with different names .They are

  • Clairaudient
  • Clairsentient
  • Clairalience
  • Clairgustance
  • Clairtangent




Clairaudients, unlike clairvoyants search for voices that guide them and help them to perceive in their realm through their inner ear. This persistence is beyond human ears and is the result of the mind power that a clairaudient holds.


They are people who can feel what is inside us and imbibe those emotions. they can easily get on to any one’s mind and know what they are thinking what they feel and what their problems are and finds a solution to it they feels it within themselves as if they are undergoing it. They are normally experts in figuring out the paranormal activity around a place or in a person


A person with clairalience picks up information by means of smell either emotionally or literally. They can find a presence of an unnatural power with the smell that remains in the room and can act as a medium by instantly picking up the smell of dear ones which can be the smell of their favorite scent or cigarette smoke.


Clairgustants are those who can taste the presence of something without putting anything on to their mouth. It is one of the ways the spirits try to communicate with us and the way to perceive it lies on the hands of Cairgustants.



Clairtangents are those people who can gain knowledge about someone by touching on to them. We might have seen psychics holding on to the hands of people then closing their eyes and predicting. It’s these people who receive information from objects or people from touching them.

  • April 15, 2014

Reiki practitioners

Reiki practitioners are medical intuitive who use their psychic capabilities in energy works, which is focused on healing the physical and emotional condition of a person. The reiki healers does magic with their hands and makes the life force flows within our body which creates miracles and ends up in charging us with positive energy.

What exactly is reiki? Reiki is Japanese traditional healing technique which was developed long back by Buddhist Mikao Usui, the renowned reiki practitioner .He believed that healing is an internal process and it can be speeded up by life force.’ Re’ which means divine or spiritual and ‘ki‘which means life force or vital energy, together is Reiki-the spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki being spiritual in sense doesn’t mean that it’s strictly religious, it just believes in the super natural energy that governs us all.

Within every living being their remains a flow of energy which sustains our life, it is this flow of energy called the ‘life force’ that reiki deals with. The life force exists in every cell and keeps them active and supports in their functioning and regeneration. This positive energy when interrupted results in various ailments causing the reduced flow of energy through the cells and thus weakening them. Life force is susceptible to our acts, thoughts and consciousness. It is badly affected by the negative energy that we are exposed to, which can be negative thoughts, fear, worry, doubt, anger, anxiety, negative self-talk, toxicity, nutritional depletion, destructive lifestyle and relationships, neglect of self and lack of love. Once the field of positive energy is disturbed it reflects on to the internal organs associated with corresponding cells and diminishes their function, which in turn causes diseases. The Reiki healer concentrates on passing the positive energy back to these cells which helps them to regain the functioning and thus ends up in healing. Apart from a healing therapy Reiki is known for its stress reduction and relaxation techniques. The treatment involves a soothing flow of radiance through the receiver’s soul, mind and body. The Reiki healers are clairvoyant and could easily see the energy flowing within a person’s body and help them get rid of the negative energy that troubles them either in the form of physical or mental ailments. A reiki session insists complete submission to the process and allows the practitioner to be a channel for the energy to flow on. The Reiki treatment will have its full effect along with the observation of the five principles of Usui:

  1. 1.     Just for today I will be no be angry

Anger is the cause of all miseries and blocks the flow of positive rays within you. The day you avoid anger is the day you invite peace of mind.


  1. 2.     Just for today, I will not worry.

While the first deals with the past and present the worry about future makes our mind concentrate more on the troubles to come and instincts negativity within us.

  1. 3.     Just for today, I will be grateful.

Being grateful from heart doesn’t only makes you content, but also the people around you. A simple thank you and a smile can brighten up both you and the receiver’s day.




  1. 4.     Just for today, I will be honest.

Honesty brings an end to many worries and sufferings. It keeps your soul open and vibrant.

  1. 5.     Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing

    Being kind to all and respecting elders brings back love to you and love is the ultimate remedy to any issue.



The Reiki practitioners are of two types:

1. Japanese Reiki Healers

2. Western Reiki Healers



         Japanese Reiki Healers:

These are people who had inherited the traditional reiki practice and are observed to be clairvoyant. They visualize the energy flow within a person and suggest a healing based on their interpretations and then the session includes transferring the energy on to the receiver’s body through the healer’s hand.


Western Reiki Healers:

These are practitioners who are trained and the main difference with the Japanese reiki is they follow a set of hand patterns instead of foreseeing where to place the hands.

Major health benefits:

  • Stress reduction
  • Complementary with any other medical practices.
  • Stimulates the self-healing ability
  • Provides better sleep and reduces emotional instability.
  • Postpones aging
  • No side effects.

  • April 15, 2014




When we hear about astrologer’s the first thing that cross our minds is horoscope, a chart or a diagram with specific symbols and numbers which makes no sense to us but has got much within it. The charts are based on the interpretation of an astrologer following the concepts of astrology which deals with the relationship that exist between astronomical bodies and the human life.

Man had always been curious to know about the future and this is evident even during the later years of history. This curiosity had given birth to the concepts of astrology which became an inevitable part of the civilizations. They turned to be an important part of every civilization and every reign. The practice of making a horoscope for every new born still persists among many. Even though the native influences gave a different name, approach and view to it, the goal was at last the same, the prediction. The then known great scholars made interpretations on how to reach the predictions which on refinement with time developed as a stream of astrology and is proved to have helped man from centuries ago to till date. What an astrologer does is making a horoscope based on the date of birth and zodiac sign which differs natively and drawing to conclusions by imbibing within them the century’s old concepts of astrology. The conclusions includes the influence of different planets in one’s life, the transit of each planet at different stages of life their impact various aspects of life. Starting from the birth to death what can be expected at each stage is foreseen, which includes both positive and negative vibes. The astrologer’s are most commonly consulted  to know about the best timings to start a venture, the transit that helps it are first analyzed  and the effect all planets at that transit is concluded using which the dates are picked. Many believe and insist the consultation of an astrologer before every important aspects of life to what we will end up with and to find where our luck stands. People also seek their help on marriages starting from compatibility checking to fixing marriage dates.  The compatibility checking is done to assure a long happy relationship, where the horoscopes of both man and woman are cross checked under various conditions which are predefined, to find the match. The marriage dates are picked by comparing the Venus influential dates of both were as the dates to start a business is picked based on the influence of the wealth significator the Mercury.  Looking back to the history based on the native differences the astrologers are of different types:

* Chinese astrologer

* Electional astrologer

* Horary astrologer

* Indian astrologer

* Western astrologer


Chinese Astrologer:

The Chinese astrologers makes use of the Chinese zodiac ‘Shen Xiao’ and the Chinese calendar, which depicts animal signs for each year and the signs pops up exactly the same in every 60 year, to foresee. They make predictions based on the animal sign to which you belong and the influence of the transit you are undergoing. This type of astrology which came into being during the late Han dynasty has still not lost its glory and is still believed on by many.


Electional Astrologer:

When want to know the perfect time for any auspicious occasion then you are in need of an electional astrologer. They make pick up the best dates for each on the given time period considering the horoscope of the person and the celestial influences. Early days even though these astrologers were widely used to pick the dates to start battles which support a win, they also seek auspicious dates for everything.

Horary Astrologer:

These people answer to your anxious, single sentenced yes or no questions. For example the question can be like ‘will I get a job?’ .They make these predictions by making a chart of time which includes the then time and place, instead of the regular chart of birth which provides us with precise answers.


Indian Astrologer:

Indian Astrology or Jothisha which has developed long back along with the Vedas are observed and believed strongly till date. The jothishan or an Indian astrologer takes into account the rasi, the zodiac signs which include twelve animal signs depicting twelve months, to which you belong  and the horoscope or jataka depicting the position of celestial body during your birth to make up any predictions.




Western Astrologer:

They provide us reading on what to expect next in life. These are the most common and the most often readings, we come across in magazine’s or newspapers. They includes the twelve zodiac sign for each month and the effect of celestial bodies on then differs every day except to have some common impacts for belonging to the particular sign.

  • April 15, 2014

Different types of Psychics

Psychic readings are the most common help that we resort to while on the edge of uncertainty in our life. Whether it’s about future, relationships, wealth or indeed anything, we could find assistance from those, who have a spark on their perceptions –“the psychics” .They have an answer for everyone who is anxious to know about their future.

The outlook of ‘psychics’ differs from one to one based on the experience he or she has went through in their life, but simply –‘they are people who use their extension of natural senses to foresee’. These people were an important part of the fictions we had come across in our childhood and who had made us curious about their super natural power, are hard to be ignored in everyone’s life.  Even in those days of immaturity we were eager to hear the stories of fortune tellers and those who shared their thoughts with spirits, there lies the foundation of psychic reading, made strong on the minds on each one of us, which assures to provide a help at any stage of life .Psychics differs mainly in the ways they use their senses to perceive. The Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) of each works differently and that makes them unique. The most common psychics we had come across are:



*Dream Interpreters


*Medical Intuitive



*Pet Psychic


*Tool Readers


They make up a chart based on our date of birth, birth time, place and reveal personality future, compatibility and lot more. They also let us know the transit of each planet in every stage of life and the pros and cons of their impact on us. Based on our chart they pick up better dates for marriage or to start up a new venture.


These are peoples whom we are familiar to as those who talks to spirits. They act as a medium between spirits and their loved ones to communicate with each other. They allow themselves to be possessed and talks to the people through them.


Dream Interpreters:

When you have a dream haunting you every night and you really want to know what they mean to you, then these are people who can help you on it.



Empaths are those who can acquire the mind of other people and sense their emotions. The psychic empathy is lot more different than the human empathy, as it’s nonverbal and nonvisual. It’s beyond the senses of the normal people. Trained empaths helps others in counseling and energy works which involves imbibing energy from someone or something like rocks, plants, or trees.


Medical Intuitive:

They are a kind of empaths who gain energy from anything around them and pass on to the recipient to heal their illness. They make use of their intuitions to diagnose the cause of the emotional or physical condition of a patient and help them in curing.



These are people who make use of the numbers on our date of birth and predict our future based on these numbers. They even provide special numbers to each alphabet of our name make calculations and use them to find our luck.



The lines on our hands have lot more to tell about our future and palmists reads them to let us know about it. Palmistry has its roots long below thousands of years and even the great Aristotle believed and quoted “Lines are not written into the human hand without reason. They emanate from heavenly influences and man’s own individuality”.


Pet Psychics:

These peoples get us talk with the spirits of our beloved pets. They are a type of Channel with the exception that they communicate with animals. They act as a medium for the spirit of pets and let them talk to us.



They can foresee the happenings that are about to happen in our life or warn us on the occurrence of an accident or let us know about anything positive that is on our way. We might have often come across these peoples as those who predicted the occurrence of a disaster or a calamity.


Tool Readers:

They are the most common type of psychics that we often rely on for readings. They make use of tools such as tarot cards, tea leaves, crystal balls, and stones to provide a focus to access the information about one’s future. They will be commonly available anywhere to unveil the mysteries of our life.